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"un original pour chacun"

Fondation Loin des Armes 12 February 2017 Montreux Palace

FAW has participated 12th February to the Film Loin des Armes, a documentary made to help children that have lived through war as soldiers and how they come back to a normal life.

The Fondation told a story with 5 paintings of how a child can live through war and how they can come out of the fear and pain through Art. The 5 paintings were exposed during the gala evening and proposed for sale. All funds from the sale will be shared with the artists and the Loin des Armes Foundation.

The story is told through 5 paintings:

1.The pain of losing your family - "Middle Class Family" by Luc Joly (80/100cm Acrylic on Canvas)
2."The Fear" by Philippe Thelin (58/74cm Acrylic on canvas)
3."Peace" by Johanan Herson (80/80cm Oil, acrylic on wood with match frame)
4."Creativity from darkness" – Asnaby (70/70cm Acrylic on canvas)
5."Happay crowd"Johanan Herson SOLD (50/70cm Acrylic on Canvas)

Happay crowd" – Johanan Herson

"Middle class family" by Luc Joly

"The Fear" by Philippe Thélin

"Peace" by Herson

"Creativity" - by Asnaby