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Way of Life The work of Luc Joly is created around the references of his life, in order to observe and reexperience previous moments that shaped him. He speaks of a growing sense of humanity and frequently poses the question “Who was I”? “Who am I today and who could I be tomorrow”?. To be alive – such is his work. His artistic approach reveals an exchange of emotions, feelings and human sensations as well as a structure of shapes and colors that belong to a “Universal Geometry”

His natural curiosity in the humaities and geometry led to degrees in fine arts and education. Subsequently he was offered a position as a teacher for the Geneva Visual Arts School, where he opened the Atelier de Structuration. Since the 1960's he has held various personal and collective exhibitions and seminars in Switzerland and around the world on geometry as a physical and mental projection. His aim has always been to create a dialogue with colleagues, visitors and critics through his work in order to learn more about life in general.

In autumn 2012 the Fondation Fellini and the City of Sion hosted a 25 year retrospective of the collaboration between Luc Joly and the French writer Michel Butor, exhibiting their series of works entitled “Les Dialogues Simultanés”.


Publications de Luc Joly
Structure (Genève, 1976)
Forme et Signe - une géometrie originelle (Genève, 1980)
Luc Joly: Cahiers 1 et 2 du Catalogue Raisonné
             (Editions Sidrine 2001) à l'occasion de la Biennale
             internazionale dell'arte contemporanea de Firenze
Luc Joly: Oeuvres et Textes (Editions Benteli, 2009)

Sélection d'Expositions Individuelles
2011    "Discours du Regard," Dubner Moderne, Lausanne, Suisse
2009    Galleri Gamla Väster, Malmö, Suède
2008    Gallery Ashiya Garo, Kyoto, Japon
           Gallery Kerkar Complex, Goa, India
2006    Gallery Ashiya Garo, Kyoto, Japan,
2005    Galleri Gamla Väster, Malmö, Sweden
2004    Galerie Corps et Scène, Lausanne: "Images à écouter"
                 Rencontre avec Armando Verdiglione
           Gallery Ashiya Garo, Kyoto, Japon
2003    "Visages à Lire," Centre d'art en l'ile, Genève
1997    Galerie du Chateau de Môtiers
           Ferme de la Chapelle, Lancy, Suisse
1995    Galerie 50 m2, Genève, Suisse
1994    "Ronds pour Noël," Centre Culturel du Rocher, Nyon, Suisse
1993    "Huellas de Tango," Avec Michel Butor,
                  Centro de Arte y Communicación, Buenos-Aires,
          "Keep Dry," Galerie de St. Légier, Saint-Légier, Suisse
1990    "Requiem automobile" Place de la Riponne, Lausanne
           Musée de l'Athénée, Genève, Suisse
1988    Musée des Beaux-Arts, Moutier, Suisse
           "Bild als Tier" Galerie Schindler, Bern, Suisse
1986    "Le crayon qui parle" avec Michel Butor à Caran d'Ache
                 Genève, Switzerland
1984    "Dialogos por imagenes" Centro de Arte y Comunicacion
                 Buenos-Aires, Argentine
1983    "Le trait, la tache, la trace et la touche"
                 Musée de l'Athénée, Genève, Suisse
1982    "Kühne Formen" Galerie Schindler, Bern
1980    Rencontre avec..."Formes de vie" Musée Cantonal des
                 Beaux-Arts, Lausanne, Suisse
           "Formes et Traces" Galerie Planque, Lausanne
1979    Exposition dans 21 villes de Suisse sur les panneaux
                 de la SGA
1976    Rencontre avec..."Rencontre avec la Terre", Musée
                 Cantonale des Beaux-Arts, Lausanne, Suisse
1972    Myriad Diffusion, Krugier & Cie, Genève


Sélection d'Expositions Collectives
2009    "Post-Scriptum," Galerie Editart, Genève, Suisse
           "Marathon de l'Art," Groupe Jabrun, Carpentras, France
           "Vingt Ans," Espace L'Aurore, Sorens, Fribourg, Suisse
           "Journée de la francophonie," Ecole intérnationale, Genève
           "Poids Plume," Ferme de la Chapelle, Lancey, Genève
           "Art Incognito," "Confrontations XI," Galerie du Soleil,
                  Saignelégier, Suisse
           "Ex Voto," Ancienne Eglise, Le Noirmont, Suisse
2008     "Swiss Art Today," Art Zone Kaguraoka, Kyoto, Japon
2006     "Art Incognito," Galerie du Soleil, Saignelégier, Suisse
2005     "Portraits," Villa Dutoit, Meyrin, Suisse
2001     Biennale Internazionale dell'Arte Contemporanea, Firenze,
2000     "Perles d'Eros," Galerie Humus, Lausanne
            Triennale de Sculpture, Lancy, Genève, Suisse
            Galerie Kunstforum, Winterthur, Schweiz
1992     Triennale de SCulpture, Lancy, Suisse
1991     "Los dialogos con Michel Butor" Galeria Harrods,
                 Buenos-Aires, Argentine
1981     "Medias Mixtes" Musée Rath, Genève, Suisse
1977     3ème Bienal Internacional de Arte, Valparaiso, Chile
            8ème Biennale Internationale de Tapisserie, Musée Cantonal
                 des Beaux-Arts, Lausanne, Suisse
1976    "Chips of Hint and Postal Events"
                 Gallery Bernstein-Giasullo, New York
1974    "Oeuvres en Plastique", Galerie Simon Patino, Genève
1972    Galerie Ankrum, Los Angeles
                 Galerie Loeb, Bern
1964    "Images peintes" Musée de l'Athénée
                 Genève, Suisse