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"un original pour chacun"

Helen C. Gailey - Vice President. Helen is an international multi-cultural person, who grew up between, London, Madrid and Paris. She holds an MBA in Luxury Brand Management and has travelled the world to promote fragrances and share her passion of perfume. Today, Helen is spreading the art of olfaction and bringing it to the world of art,. She has joined the Foundation to bring her positive energy and extensive network to promoting artists in Switzerland, where she is based. She is a multipotentialite and family engineer, managing companies and also a mother to 3 adorable adolescents!

Tél + 41 (0) 79 706 0303 Email:

Mr. Ilan Cohen - Co-founder of the Foundation hold the responsibility of all logistic and administration Resides in Tel Aviv :  Tel +972 - (0) 54 92 68 200 

Ilan Chen has been involved in the arts for several years, focusing on the export and import of fine art, including paintings, sculpture and installations for museums and galleries around the world. He maintains ongoing contact with agents and provides complete logistical management of exhibitions.

Ilan’s excellent marketing skills and a great love of art led to his career in the arts.

He identifies top artists based on his extensive understanding of the international arts marketplace. 
Ilan encourages artists to continue their creative work while he strives to increase international recognition. This is the principal reason for the decision to establish an association in Switzerland, in collaboration with the vice president and Jacob Abraham, to promote artists and art in Switzerland and throughout Europe.

Jacob Abraham, Co-founder, president of the foundation - Hold university BA degree at History of art and Philosophy. Master Study Philosophy of art & mind (Haifa university)

Tel +41 79 766 51 45 email:
(Photo by Miss Lital Nidam, St. Légier - Switzerland 21.11.2014)